How to use the Sawmill in V Rising

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Confused about how to use the Sawmill in V Rising? V Rising takes a rather different approach to crafting items and refining resources than most survival and crafting games you’ll have come across. Much of the labour of crafting new items is done not by you, but by specialised resource-refining buildings which automatically break down the items you give them, and turn them into new items.

The first of these buildings you’re likely to come across is the Sawmill, which can be used to turn ordinary Lumber into refined wooden Planks. If you’re confused about exactly how to do this, you’ve come to the right place. Below we’ll explain exactly how to use the Sawmill in V Rising, giving you the knowledge you need to use all other similar buildings in the process. We’ll also cover how to upgrade the Sawmill and similar buildings to make them even faster and more efficient.

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